Adriana Chechik Bio

adriana-chechik-14764-04Adriana Chechik is a whirlwind of wild, unbridled sexuality now, but she wasn’t always that way. In fact, before entering the porn industry, she had only had sex with one guy and didn’t even lose her virginity until she reached age 18.

Adriana was born November 4, 1992 in rural Pennsylvania. She has been told that she is of Russian, Serbian, and English descent, but she was given up as an infant, so has never met her biological parents to confirm it. She was raised in the American Foster Care System and lived with 13 different families growing up. She was often used as a baby sitter, sometimes watching up to 11 kids at a time. When she would misbehave, she was occasionally sent to live with the Amish for the weekends where she would perform a variety of chores, such as shucking corn. She eventually got her GED and started serving at an Applebees.

Adriana was in college when she became friends with a stripper. At first she went to the clubs just to hang out, but after getting dumped by her boyfriend, she decided to get revenge by going wild. She began a very successful career on stage and that eventually led her to performing in porn films. Currently, she has been in close to 100.

Being in the world of adult entertainment helped Adriana discover just how uninhibited she really is. Things she would have never even imagined doing previously have now become the very things that she is best known for. One of her most awe-inducing XXX acts has been receiving triple anal penetration which she enthusiastically declared her love for. She has often performed for gangbangs and double penetration scenes and can always be counted on to deliver an excellent blow job.

When not working, Adriana still enjoys sex. She masturbates a minimum of once each day and keeps a number of fuck buddies, as well as having one night stands with strangers which she prefers over having a relationship at this point. She watches True Blood and Hemlock Grove and listens to House and Reggae music. Her favorite movies are old school slasher flicks and anything with zombies in it. She also enjoys going hiking every chance that she gets.

The 5’2” green-eyed Scorpio seems to be the perfect fit for the career that she has chosen. She never gets shy about exposing her natural 32B-24-33 body whether on camera or off of it. She has embraced her inner exhibitionist and thrives on the explicit. The sky is the limit for Adriana Chechik, and even then, she may soar beyond it!

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